ECCO-IOIBD Fellowship program

In 2017, the International Organization For the Study of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IOIBD) and the European Crohn’s and Colitis Organisation (ECCO) offer an exceptional, collaborative ECCO-IOIBD Fellowship. Its aim is to encourage and help individuals in their career and promote innovative scientific exchange in the area of Inflammatory Bowel Diseases between Europe and other continents.

Applicants should be aware that these awards are offered to promote and encourage innovative research in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases by young and enthusiastic basic and/or clinical scientists. Individuals with a well-established career in the field of IBD research are not considered eligible for these fellowships.

This exceptional ECCO-IOIBD Fellowship may be given in 2018. In order to be eligible, the candidate must

  1. Not be older than 40 years or still in training at the time of application
  2. Submit an original research project using the “ECCO Fellowships/Grants Technical Appendix”, not exceeding 13 pages
  3. Have a hosting laboratory and/or department outside one’s own country, which has  accepted to host and guide the Fellow under the supervision of a      designated host for the duration of the Fellowship. The hosting institution is responsible, together with the Fellow, for the successful completion of the project
  4. If the hosting institute holds a current ECCO Fellowship, then another      application for this period is not possible. Therefore, an institute cannot apply for two ECCO Fellowships in consecutive years.
  5. Either the ECCO Fellowship applicants or their hosts need to be ECCO Members (at the time of application)
  6. Fellowships aim to enhance the opportunity for IBD trainees to work in an IBD centre outside one’s own country. The principal purpose is to enhance the fabric and scientific contribution of ECCO & IOIBD.

Terms of submission

  1. A total amount of 60,000 Euro will be awarded for the ECCO-IOIBD Fellowship. If the ECCO-IOIBD Fellowship candidate succeeds in receiving additional funding for the project, this is likely to be regarded as an “add-on” and not a conflict with IOIBD or ECCO, although IOIBD and ECCO will expect to be informed through the ECCO Scientific Committee (
  2. The duration of the ECCO-IOIBD Fellowship is one year. In case an extended duration of up to two years is required, a justifying statement must be included in the application documents.
  3. Only one proposal may be submitted by the submission date per applicant.
  4. Members of IOIBD Boards/Committees or ECCO Committees are excluded from applying as the principal investigator.
  5. All applicants should submit a proposal for a research project using the “ECCO Fellowships/Grants Technical Appendix”, not exceeding 13 pages. The      proposal should be written in Word format (Font: Verdana, Size: 11) and      should contain the following headings:
  • Project title and PI
  • Name, full address, affiliations, ECCO Membership ID number (if applicable) of the applicant
  • Name and full address of the hosting institution
  • Name and ECCO Membership ID number (if applicable) of the host/supervisor
  • Summary of the proposal (200 words)
  • Introduction (max. 2 pages)
  • Objectives (max. 2 pages)
  • Methodology and working plan (including chronogram) (max. 5 pages)
  • Significance and impact (max. 1 page)
  • Background of the group (max. 1 page)
  • Training capacity of the project and the group (max. 1 page)
    as well as the following documents:
  • CV of the Fellowhsip candidate
  • Approval of the hosting institution
  • IRB (clinical / experimental) approval of the project
  • Budget

6.    Deadline for submission for ECCO-IOIBD Fellowship is September 1, 2017.
The obligatory application form can be requested through the IOIBD

Successful applicants will receive the ECCO-IOIBD Fellowship at the Annual Congress of ECCO & IOIBD Meeting and are expected to be present for the official award ceremony. They are also asked to write a 300 word synopsis of the project for ECCO News and IOIBD (for publication in the IOIBD community) for submission within 4 months of receiving the award.

  • Payment will be made after acceptance of the award. A contract will be drawn up by ECCO and must be a signed as an agreement between the Fellow, the institution and ECCO.
  • After 12 months, an update (diary) of one page has to be submitted to the ECCO Scientific Committee. The final report (a synopsis of 300 words) is due within 24 months and should be submitted to the ECCO Scientific Committee for publication on the ECCO Website and/or ECCO News. These reports will also be made available to IOIBD for further publication in the IOIBD community.
  • The ECCO-IOIBD Fellowship awardee is required to inform the ECCO Scientific Committee and IOIBD of all abstracts and publications from their project.
  • Authors are able to choose a journal of their choice, but if a journal with an impact factor <5.0 is considered, then ECCO would expect the paper to be offered to JCC for publication. If the full paper is not published in JCC or Gut, then a synopsis of the paper from the work supported by the Fellowship should be submitted to JCC for publication as a “selected summary” of ECCO publications.
  • Evaluation of applications is made according to seven criteria (see review process, below) by the ECCO Scientific Committee and the IOIBD review committee. External referees may be sought. Applications will be discussed by both committees in autumn/winter and applicants informed in January.
  • When presenting or publishing results of the project, ECCO & IOIBD shall be acknowledged on all printed matters as contributing to their funding. Please contact the ECCO Office at to request the ECCO & IOIBD logo for slide presentations.

Applications should be sent to the head of the Scientific Committee of ECCO at the following address:

electronic submission only
ECCO Office
Att. Dr. Gerhard Rogler, Chair of SciCom
Ungargasse 6/13
1030 Vienna, Austria & cc.

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