International Organization For the Study of Inflammatory Bowel Disease

The International Organization for the Study of Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IOIBD) is the only international worldwide organization devoted to these chronic and sometimes disabling diseases involving different parts of the gastrointestinal tract. The mission of the IOIBD is to promote the health of people with IBD worldwide by setting the direction for patient care, education and research. This is in particular the case for those countries where the diseases are just evolving. Task forces of IOIBD promote scientific developments by designing non commercial clinical studies. Grants are provided for innovative start-up projects and large scale trials not receiving funds otherwise due to lack of economic or political interest. Travel grants are given to young scientists from countries with evolving IBD. The organization furthermore aims at developing clear definitions of the different manifestations of IBD as well as for the targets and endpoints of treatment in practice and research, in particular in clinical trials.

The long-term goal of IOIBD is to contribute to the elucidation of the cause of these still relatively new diseases and finally to the development of a causal and curative treatment, thereby making its existence unnecessary.

Mission Statement
To promote the health of people with IBD worldwide by setting the direction for patient care, education and research.

Upcoming meetings:
03-06 April 2014, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
23-26 April 2015, Montreal (Canada)
Spring 2016, Tel Aviv (Israel)


06 September 2013

It is with profound sadness that we note the untimely passing of our dear friend, colleague, and IOIBD member, Dr. Lloyd Mayer.
A caring and skilled physician, gifted mentor and educator, and brilliant and passionate researcher, Lloyd’s contributions to mucosal immunology, gastroenterology and our understanding of inflammatory bowel disease are legendary.
The many patients who directly and indirectly benefitted from Lloyd’s insights, and the generations of trainees who were fortunate enough to bask in the light of Lloyd’s genius, stand as ample evidence of the extensive impact that Lloyd had on the medical community.

Besides completing his medical residency at New York University and a research fellowship at Rockefeller University, Lloyd devoted all of the rest of his medical career to Mount Sinai, where he was bestowed every one of the institution’s highest awards. Lloyd was the founder and Chief of the Division of Clinical Immunology, and a founding director of the Immunobiology Institute. From 2003 to 2010 he also served as Chief of the Division of Gastroenterology at Mount Sinai. Lloyd was an absolutely tireless leader who held top positions in many national and international organizations, including the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America, American Gastroenterological Association, and the National Institutes of Digestive Disease and Kidney Disease.

Lloyd had been an enthusiastic member of IOIBD since 2005, and was among the first to bring a translational orientation to the organization. His enthusiastic leadership of the Biomarker Taskforce, and his optimism about the possibilities of IOBID to expand our knowledge of the pathogenesis of IBD through international collaboration were notable. In addition, his early leadership on the most recent annual meeting held in New York led to an unforgettable and unparalleled program.

Few embody the knowledge of basic and clinical immunology and gastroenterology, or the smooth translation of molecular principles to the practice of medicine that Lloyd possessed. Anyone who worked with Lloyd felt blessed to have been touched by him.

A devoted father and husband, Lloyd is survived by his children, Sarah, Marissa, and Josh, and his beloved wife, Jill Fishbane Mayer. We wish his family strength in this difficult time and hope that their loss, indeed our collective loss, will be softened by knowing that Lloyd’s memory survives in his indelible impact upon science, and in the memories of his many patients, friends, colleagues and students.

IOIBD will sorely miss Lloyd, who was such a vibrant presence in the organization. IOIBD is surely diminished for his loss.

Bruce Sands, Chairman IOIBD



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