International Organization For the Study of Inflammatory Bowel Disease

The International Organization for the Study of Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IOIBD) is the only international worldwide organization devoted to these chronic and sometimes disabling diseases involving different parts of the gastrointestinal tract. The mission of the IOIBD is to promote the health of people with IBD worldwide by setting the direction for patient care, education and research. This is in particular the case for those countries where the diseases are just evolving. Task forces of IOIBD promote scientific developments by designing non commercial clinical studies. Grants are provided for innovative start-up projects and large scale trials not receiving funds otherwise due to lack of economic or political interest. Travel grants are given to young scientists from countries with evolving IBD. The organization furthermore aims at developing clear definitions of the different manifestations of IBD as well as for the targets and endpoints of treatment in practice and research, in particular in clinical trials.

The long-term goal of IOIBD is to contribute to the elucidation of the cause of these still relatively new diseases and finally to the development of a causal and curative treatment, thereby making its existence unnecessary.

Mission Statement
To promote the health of people with IBD worldwide by setting the direction for patient care, education and research.

Upcoming meetings:
Thursday 20-Sunday 23 April 2017, Stresa - Lago Maggiore (Italy)
Thursday 15- Sunday 18 March 2018, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)



           Announcement 21 July 2016

JULY 27, 1953 – JULY 21, 2016

Jan, a woman of immense talent and quiet determination, died peacefully at home in Toronto. Fate cut short a life of accomplishment, compassion and caring. She truly loved and sadly leaves behind her husband, Alexander (Sandy) Logan, her children, Erin and Bryan, her parents, Elma and Daniel Irvine and her nephew, Daniel, and was predeceased by her only sibling, Bill.

Born in Scotland, she came to Canada at age 9 with her family.  In her new country, she excelled at school, had an adventurous spirit, developed a keen sense of competition, enjoyed telling anecdotes and formed many close friendships. She melded her academic interests with her desire to help others by completing her M.D. and specialty training at the University of Toronto and M.Sc. in clinical epidemiology at McMaster University.

Her professional life began at McMaster University, where under the mentorship of Dr. Richard Hunt, her academic career flourished. She developed a quality of life instrument, now used worldwide, for patients with inflammatory bowel disease.  She became Professor of Medicine at McMaster and, after her appointment as Division Head of Gastroenterology at St Michael’s Hospital in 2003, at the University of Toronto.

She greatly appreciated the compassionate care of Dr. Paul Kortan and the St Michael’s 16C-North and endoscopy nursing staff.

Our heartfelt sympathy is extended to her husband Sandy and their children at this difficult time.  Donations in Jan’s memory may be made to St. Michael’s Hospital Foundation or McMaster University.




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